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    Batsmen have created chaos in T20, more than 400 runs, only 200 runs in sixes!

    Wellington. Twenty20 cricket is a game of fours and sixes. But 200 runs can be scored in just six in a match. Hard to believe, but the last day of 2021 saw the New Zealand T20 tournament Super Smash. The batsmen created a commotion in the match. He scored more than four hundred runs in the match. After scoring more than 200 runs, a team lost. This achievement is seen in the Central Districts and Canterbury (Central Districts vs. Canterbury).

    Playing first in the match, Central Districts scored a huge 217 runs for 4 wickets. Captain Tom Bruce’s bat spoke strongly on behalf of the team. He hit an unbeaten 93 off 36 balls with a strike rate of 258. He hit 6 fours and 6 sixes. In other words, he scored only 60 runs from the boundary. He took only 13 runs. Dan Cleaver also scored 61 off 32 balls. The team has hit a total of 13 sixes.

    All the batsmen hit sixes

    All six Canterbury batsmen hit at least one six in the chase. With 16 balls left, the team achieved the target by 5 wickets. Henry Sipple scored an unbeaten 39 off 11 balls with a strike rate of 355. He also hit 5 sixes. Cam Fletcher also scored 46 off 21 balls. He hit 6 sixes. The team hit a total of 19 sixes. Four Central District bowlers have scored more than 15 runs in the economy. In other words, a total of 32 sixes have been killed in the match. Thus 192 runs in just six.

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    Great catch in the hands of 2 players

    Canterbury also caught everyone’s eye with his great fielding in the match. Blake Cowern and Mitchell Hey, two players on the team, caught Ben Smith’s great catch together at the boundary. A video of it has also gone viral on social media. All the fans are also appreciating it.

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