Saturday, May 14, 2022

    Meet Arunima Singh, a brave wildlife expert from Lucknow who saved lifeless animals through rescue operations.

    LUCKNOW: – Meet Arunima Singh, a brave wildlife expert who risks her life to save wildlife. She is the youngest child to Arunima, who is making significant contribution to wildlife. He first came to the Kukrail Gharial Center while studying for a Masters from the university. When he met his guide Shailendra Singh here, he gave information about crocodiles, dolphins, crocodiles and turtles. His interest is aroused and he decides to turn it into his passion. This is where he gets all the information about these animals. And when he starts to go on his safe rescue mission, he starts liking it.

    20 dolphins and 10 alligators have been rescued
    Arunima Singh said that so far more than 10 crocodiles and crocodiles have been rescued. Besides, more than 20 dolphins have been saved. Not only that, Arunima has saved the lives of more than 30,000 turtles by transporting them. Take them to safety. He set an example, for which he was awarded the NatWest Earth Heroes by the Royal Bank of Scotland for his work.

    The rescue operation in Bhopal was the most dangerous

    He said the Bhopal rescue operation, which was related to crocodiles, was the most dangerous because the forest department team could not rescue the crocodiles. Then they called Arunima Singh’s team from Lucknow. When Arunima arrived there, she saw that the deer were scattered over a huge area and it was very difficult to rescue them from there. Nevertheless, he played with his life and rescued all the crocodiles and brought them to safety. He added that in this case, he has to take his career further and save the lives of the voiceless has become the real purpose of his life.


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