Sunday, June 26, 2022

    Lucknow University is offering Diploma Course in ‘Fetal Reform’, find out the great benefits of this course

    Report: – Anjali Singh Rajput, Lucknow

    In a rapidly changing environment, women and their families are often unable to make decisions about caring for themselves and their unborn child during pregnancy. In such cases, they have to go to the doctor for any information, big or small. To bring women out of this predicament, the University of Lucknow is conducting a course called PG Diploma and Pregnancy Reform from the Institute of Women’s Studies. Men and women of any age can be admitted. Students can also be admitted. You can be admitted in it. The coordinator of this department, Prof. Dr. Archana Shukla said about the necessity of this course, in today’s changed environment there are most of the nuclear families. Women do not understand what to eat, what to drink. During pregnancy. What to wear, how to get up and how to sit and how to take care of their upcoming child. In such situations, women often make mistakes due to lack of information. Which harms their child and infant physically and physically. Mental development is not possible. This course has been introduced to meet the needs of women to overcome these problems.

    The 55-year-old yoga specialist is also doing the course
    A 55-year-old yoga expert is also doing the course. She says she runs her own yoga center, where she wants to give useful information to incoming pregnant women.

    This course is also providing employment

    After doing this course, one can easily become a counselor in a maternity center. One month training is given under this course. Most of the men and women admitted to the course have a purpose that they can go to the maternity center after that. Course. You can become self-sufficient by working in India. He said that about 26 specialists including KGMU, Ayurvedic doctors and music specialists teach this course.


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