Monday, June 27, 2022

    Lucknow: – IET student Vivek Bharadwaj has received an annual job package of Rs 1.37 crore from Google London.

    Report: – Anjali Singh Rajput

    Vivek Bharadwaj of Lucknow has brought fame not only to Lucknow but to the entire country. Because he has recently been offered a job in Google London’s annual package of Rs 1.37 crore. Vivek Bharadwaj, a final year student of B.Tech Computer Science from the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow, is a resident of Bulandshahr, but lives in Lucknow to study. According to him, besides studying, he had been applying online for a long time. Was applying for a job abroad. One day he received a message from Google London in which he spoke for an interview. This was the turning point in the life of Vivek Bharadwaj. Why was the point made?

    Interviews were held in 4 rounds
    Vivek Bharadwaj himself has said that when he received the message from Google London, he was immediately ready for the interview and about 4 rounds of interviews took place. He was asked some questions about data structures and computer science algorithms. There were about 5 interviewers in front of him. There were different people in each interview. After that there was also the last interview in which he had a general conversation and then he was selected for this job.

    Received the position of Software Development Engineer

    Vivek Bharadwaj said that he has been given the post of software development engineer from Google in London. He said that from the beginning he was not interested in working in a company like Google. Initially he was interested in physics. He also wants to start-up. But first he has to gain experience and he will get this experience by connecting with Google so that he can learn more.

    It is a journey but not a goal

    He said that this is the journey of his life but it is not his ultimate goal. Vivek Bharadwaj said that in addition to his parents, he has a younger sister and younger brother in his family. Tenth class from Bulandshahr. His guru is his father.


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