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    You can start this business with less money, earn up to Rs 2 lakh per month, the government will help up to 90%

    New Delhi, If you want to start your own business, today we are talking about a superhit business idea. Starting from which you can earn up to 2 lakh rupees per month. Yes .. we are talking about goat rearing business. Goat rearing business plan is a very lucrative business and people in India are making huge income from goat rearing business.

    You can start this business from home. We tell you that at present it is considered as a commercial business, which contributes a lot to the economy and nutrition of a country. Goat farms are the backbone of rural economy. There are many benefits of milk, fertilizer etc. from goat rearing.

    The government will subsidize up to 90 percent
    Starting this business is very easy. You can start it with official help. Let us know that to promote animal husbandry and self-employment in rural areas, the Haryana government is subsidizing up to 90 per cent of cattle owners. At the same time, other state governments also provide subsidies. Government of India subsidizes up to 35% in animal husbandry. Even if you do not have money to start goat rearing, you can take a loan from a bank. NABARD is available to give you a loan for raising goats.

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    Find out how much it will cost
    To get started you need to have information about location, food, clean water, number of labor required, veterinary assistance, market potential and export potential. Let me tell you, there is a huge income from goat’s milk to meat. Please be informed that there is a huge demand for goat milk in the market. At the same time, its meat is one of the best meat which has much higher internal demand. This is not a new business and this process has been going on since ancient times.

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    How much will you earn?
    Goat rearing project is a very lucrative business. According to a report, 18 female goats can earn an average of Rs 2,16,000. At the same time, an average of Rs 1,98,000 can be earned from the male version.

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