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    Start this business for less money, earn 5 lakh rupees per month, the business will continue throughout the year

    New Delhi. Now the wedding season is going on. Like last year, there is no rule to limit the number of guests at the wedding. Last year, due to the Kovid epidemic, the number of guests at the wedding was limited. Here we are telling you about marriage related business, big and small functions. A lot of times people want to do business but don’t understand. Here we are telling you about the business that has been going on for 12 months. You can start a tent house business.

    You can start a tent business anywhere
    Whether you live in a village or a town, you can start this business anywhere. You will not face any problem. You just need a little space for this. Now your work will also start in the wedding season because now thousands of weddings are happening in one day.

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    So will the price
    To start a tent business, you must first stock up. You have to invest a little in it. You have to take wooden poles, bamboo, iron pipes to set up the tent. In addition, chairs, rugs, carpets, lights, fans, mattresses, bedspreads and sheets will be needed as they are useful for any purpose. If you also provide catering items, you will need to buy a gas stove, furnace and large water drum along with the container.
    Initially, you need to invest Rs 1 to 1.50 lakh to buy the stock After work, you can grow your business by investing more capital.

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    So much profit
    The wedding season is in full swing, so you can easily get big or small bookings this season. If you book in one order, you can easily earn 25 to 30 thousand rupees. If you do business on a large scale, you can get 80 to 00 thousand rupees in booking. That is, you can easily earn 4 to 5 lakh rupees per month. However, this earnings depends on your booking.

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