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    Start a black pepper business for only 10,000 rupees, earn lakhs of rupees a month, know how?

    New Delhi. If you are ready to make bumper money through farming, today we have come up with an idea for you which is different from traditional farming and has earned millions of rupees. Today farmers are earning good income by cultivating black pepper. Nanado Marak, a resident of Meghalaya, cultivates black pepper on 5 acres of land. Seeing his success, the central government awarded him the Padma Shri.

    Pepper cultivation in Meghalaya
    Marak was the first to cultivate a variety of black pepper called curry munda. He always uses organic manure in his farming. In the early stages, he planted about 10,000 black pepper saplings for Rs 10,000. As the years go by, their number continues to increase. Their cultivated black pepper is in great demand all over the world. His home is in the hills of West Garo Hills. As soon as people enter their area, they start smelling like black pepper.

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    Garo Hills is a complete hilly and forested area. Marak has expanded the scope of pepper cultivation without cutting down trees and without harming the environment. In this work, he has got full cooperation of agriculture and horticulture of the state. Mark has helped farmers in his district grow their agriculture. Nanadar b. Marak has set a great example in the cultivation of black pepper in Meghalaya.

    The central government is honored
    In 2019, he has produced Rs 19 lakh worth of chillies from his garden. His income is increasing day by day. Government of India has issued Nadar B. It is praised for its hard work and dedication in agriculture. On the occasion of the 72nd Republic Day, Nanadar b. Marak has been awarded the Padma Shri for promoting organic farming and being an inspiration to other farmers in the country.

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    How to do farming
    Nadar bee Marak plants black pepper seedlings at a distance of 6-7 feet. It is important to keep such a distance between the two trees as it facilitates the growth of the tree. After removing the black pepper pod from the tree, care is taken to dry and remove it. The grains are soaked in water for a while and then dried. It gives a beautiful color to the grains.
    During cultivation, up to 10-20 kg of dung manure and vermi compost are given to each plant. Threshing machines are used to remove the pods from the seedlings so that the pruning work is done quickly. Initially, the moisture content of black pepper pods is up to 70 percent, which is reduced by proper drying. Too much moisture can ruin the grain.

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