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    Investment Tips: These 10 stocks have gone from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1.7 crore in 5 years, see if you have these stocks too

    New Delhi. There are many stocks in the stock market that have given investors a very quick profit. Today we are going to tell you about 10 stocks, each of which has one lakh rupees, i.e. a total of 10 lakh rupees invested 5 years ago, today it has increased by 1.7 crore rupees. According to a report, Adani Transmission in Gujarat has emerged as the largest asset generator between 2016 and 2021. The company has grown its investor wealth by 93 percent annually.

    Which 10 stocks made big money?
    Adani Transmission, Deepak Nitrite, Adani Enterprise, Tanla Platform, Ruchi Soya, Alkyl Amines, Vaibhav Global, APL Apollo Tubes, P&G Health & Escorts.

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    How much wealth does a stock increase?
    Since the Adani transmission, Deepak Nitrate has increased the assets of 90 percent of investors annually. It is followed by Adani Enterprise at 6 per cent, Tanala Platform at 65 per cent, Ruchi Sowa at 61 per cent, Alkyl Amines at 69 per cent, Vaibhav Global at 74 per cent, APL Apollo Tube at 60 per cent, P&G Health at 56 per cent and Escorts in the last five years. Investors’ assets at an annual rate of 56 percent.

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    Which P / E did you trade 5 years ago?
    Of these 10 big earners, 7 stocks were trading at P / E 20 or less 5 years ago. It shows that if you identify good quality stock at an affordable price, it can become the biggest tool for wealth growth. Today all these shares are trading at a very high level. Overall, the pace of wealth creation in India has never been faster. In the last 5 years, investors and entrepreneurs have created assets worth Rs 71 lakh crore through equity, the highest ever.

    ** (Disclaimer: The stocks mentioned in the article have been selected based on expert opinion. Before investing, please consult a certified investment advisor. News18 Hindi will not be liable or liable for any profit or loss arising out of the investment.)

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