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    Investment in mutual funds has increased 5 times in the last 10 years, the mutual fund industry has crossed Rs 38.45 lakh crore.

    Mutual Fund Investments: The trend of investment in the country is changing rapidly. Due to the low interest rates of banks, people are increasingly turning to other investment options. Of these, mutual funds and the stock market have emerged as the most preferred sectors. Investments, especially in mutual funds, have grown and are growing rapidly. Investment in mutual funds has increased five times in the last 10 years. New SPIs are opening up fast every year.

    As on November 30, 2011, the management (AUM) under the average assets of the mutual fund industry was only Rs 6.82 lakh crore. Now it has increased to Rs 37.34 lakh crore. It has increased more than five times in 10 years. Its AUM in November last year was Rs 30 lakh crore. In other words, it has increased by more than 7 lakh crore rupees in one year. The mutual fund has a total of 11.70 crore folio numbers so far. Folio numbers mean account investors

    Investment in SIPs continues to grow
    SIP received 486 crore more in November than in October. The amount invested in a SIP month is called. This segment only invests in equities. Investors are constantly investing in hybrid funds. Of these, the Balance Advantage Fund category is the most preferred. This segment buys shares at a lower price and sells at a higher rate. It had earned Rs 6,094 crore in November.

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    Massive volatility in the market has reached record levels
    Investing in equity funds is the opposite of an environment where there is widespread volatility in the stock market. Sometimes the market breaks down by one thousand points and sometimes it rises by one thousand points. But investors are constantly investing in mutual funds. In October, the equity scheme received an investment of Rs 5,215 crore. Similarly, a systematic investment plan (SIP) of Rs 11,000 crore was received in November. So far this is the record.

    Almost positive investment in all sectors
    In November, the mutual fund had positive investments in 23 open-ended equity oriented and hybrid scheme categories. This means that there is still a positive trend for investors in the capital market. Experts say that when the market shows a downturn in November, investors take advantage of the opportunity to invest in mutual funds. In October, investors withdrew Rs 23,456 crore from the market rally, compared to Rs 17,476 crore in November.

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