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    Delhi Bazar: Kejriwal government plans to link more than two lakh women entrepreneurs with ‘Delhi Bazar’ portal

    New Delhi (Bhupendra Panchal). The Delhi government’s think tank Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi (DDC) today held a meeting to link women entrepreneurs with the ‘Delhi Bazar’ web portal. At this juncture, women entrepreneurs in Delhi have welcomed the decision of the Kejriwal government and provided a lot of practical information for the upcoming portal.

    Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has recently announced that Delhi will have its own e-marketplace ‘Delhi Bazar’ portal. Where every shopkeeper, big or small, will have a virtual store. Through which you can sell your products online all over the world. The web portal will try to ensure that buyers as well as sellers get positive results.

    It was attended by women entrepreneur-representatives associated with women’s business organizations such as jewelry, clothing industry, fashion designers, boutiques and salons, makeup, etc. The role of women-run businesses is discussed in the upcoming portal. She has given many practical suggestions to increase the participation of women in the upcoming ‘Delhi Bazar’ portal. During this time, women’s market associations discuss the role of training their members in cataloging, transactions, shipping, refunds, etc. to run an online business.

    Women’s market associations have discussed the role of training their members in running online businesses.

    Presiding over the meeting, DDC Vice-Chairman Jasmine Shah said that women entrepreneurs were an integral part of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘Delhi Bazaar’ dream. The aim is to provide equal opportunities to all types of traders and shopkeepers in Delhi. To make it a reality, the Delhi government will support 2 lakh women entrepreneurs in Delhi and link them to the portal. So that they can reach the big market and grow their business.

    Kusum Goyal, president of the Salon Owners Welfare Association (SOWA), said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s vision for the Delhi market would be very helpful for women entrepreneurs and work for their advancement.

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    The saloon industry has suffered huge financial losses due to the Corona epidemic. (File photo)

    The salon industry has suffered huge financial losses due to the Corona epidemic and this process is still ongoing. But with such an initiative, it would be easy for all our salon owners and makeup artists to work with it. At present those who have 20 to 50 employees in a saloon are not able to meet their expenses.

    Meenakshi Dutt, Vice President, SOVA, said, “Welcome to this wonderful ‘Delhi Bazar’ web portal. We hope that all women entrepreneurs in Delhi will take advantage of this initiative. Joining the portal will help develop Delhi’s beauty industry. We hope that all salon owners and make-up workers will work closely with the government.

    Praising the initiative, Shikha Sharma, president of the Nutritionist and Dietitians Association, said the Delhi government has stood by the business of small women entrepreneurs. He said that the Delhi government was the first government to identify our problems and work for our participation in the ‘Delhi Bazar’ project. The women entrepreneurs in our region welcomed the efforts of the Delhi government and assured their cooperation.

    Malvika Sahni, president of the Women’s Council of the Chamber of Trade and Industry (CTI), said working with the Delhi government would help women entrepreneurs overcome the technical and financial challenges. This is by far the biggest hurdle in reaching online customers. “We will organize and train tens of thousands of women entrepreneurs affiliated with the council and ensure that they join the ‘Delhi Bazar’ web portal,” she said.

    Brijesh Goel, founder of the Women’s Council of the Chamber of Trade and Industry (CTI), says the Delhi government’s efforts to bring women entrepreneurs together and make them an important part of their project are unprecedented. This will help the Delhi government to coordinate with them.

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