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    New Delhi. The sale of gold jewelery without a hallmark has been banned in the country. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been keeping a close watch on gold jewelery holders since December 1, 2021. Now, if any trader is seen selling jewelery without a hallmark, disciplinary action will be taken against him. In such a situation, hallmarking centers have started opening in the districts or blocks where hallmarking centers have not been opened yet.

    At present 921 Assessing and Hallmarking Centers are functioning in 234 districts of the country. The Modi government has drawn up a blueprint for opening hallmarking centers in every district of the country. The Ministry of Consumers and Food claims that the government will open hallmarking centers in every block of the country in the next few years. With this, jewelers now have to register with BIS. In addition, anyone wishing to open a Hallmarking Center can apply by visiting

    Hallmarking centers will be opened in every block of the country
    Last year itself, the ministry launched a new module for online registration of jewelers and purity checking cum hallmarking centers. Through this, online system of registration and renewal of registration of jewelers was introduced. At the same time, an online system was introduced for the recognition and renewal of gold jewelery testing and hallmarking centers. Now jewelers can only register online.

    Last year itself, the ministry launched a new module for online registration of jewelers and purity checking cum hallmarking centers.

    That is the demand of the ministry
    The ministry claimed that the online modules would make it easier for jewelers and entrepreneurs to do business for those who have set up or want to set up hallmarking and assessing centers. The number of hallmarked gold jewelry and craft items will be a big jump. This number is expected to increase from the current 5 crore to 10 crore. For this it is necessary to increase the number of Assessing and Hallmarking Centers. At present there are 921 Assessing and Hallmarking Centers in 234 districts of the country.

    Apply as
    As hallmarking of gold jewelry and handicraft items is mandatory, the number of jewelers who come forward to register is expected to reach 5 lakh. Through the online system, it will be easier to deal with complaints of irregularities in the hallmarking of jewelry. BIS is also working on a module for Assessing and Hallmarking Center workflow automation.

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    Action has been taken against the sale of gold jewelery without hallmarks in 256 cities of the country.

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    Let us know that hallmarking on gold jewelry and related items has become mandatory in the country. Under the new guidelines, jewelers across India will now be allowed to sell only 14, 18 and 22 carat gold items. The central government says there has been a 25% increase in hallmarking centers in the last five years.

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