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    Business Idea: 20-25 thousand rupees per kg is sold, your hair loss is worth billions of rupees in the world

    New Delhi. The consultants were shocked when some traders came up with unique business ideas on the startup’s TV reality show Shark Tank. In fact, the startups that arrived at the reality show reported that they traded hair donated to the temple. Because of this they are earning crores of rupees every year. Now you must be wondering how billions of rupees can be traded from cut and fallen hair, then let me tell you that there is a business worth billions of rupees a year from hair all over the world.

    India also has a big contribution in this hair business. About $ 400 million worth of hair is supplied from our country every year. In 2020, the annual export of hair from India has increased by 39 percent. Hair loss from head to toe costs crores of rupees. In the villages and towns, hawkers go from house to house collecting hair.

    How much is the hair sold for?

    The peddlers charge according to the quality of the hair. Someone’s hair is bought at 8-10 thousand rupees per kg, while in many places it is also bought at 20-25 thousand rupees per kg. Hawkers buy hair and sell it to local traders. They then sell to traders in Kolkata, Chennai and Andhra Pradesh. These places are considered as bases for foreign traders. A large number of children also go to Calcutta and from there 90% of the hair is sent to China. The demand for Gujarat hair is high, the hair there is strong and shiny.

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    What is done with hair?

    The comb is used to make wigs, replacing hair. Falling hair is cleaned and chemically treated. Then it is used directly. At the end of the treatment they were sent to China. There are various conditions for hair quality, such as hair should not be cut. The hair should be combed and its length should not be less than 6 inches.

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    High demand for virgin hair

    ‘Hair quality’ is the most important aspect of this business. The demand for ‘Virgin Hair’ is the highest in the market. ‘Virgin hair’ is hair that has no color. Those who did not get any treatment. Most of the hair from India belongs to this category. This type of hair is most in demand in America, China, Britain and Europe.

    Temples in India meet the demand

    The demand for a lot of ‘virgin hair’ is met by the hair coming from temples in India. In 2014, hair worth Rs 220 crore was sold from the Tirupati temple. In 2015, Tirumala raised Rs 74 crore by e-auctioning the hair of Tirupati Devasthan fans.

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    Hair exporters say it has become difficult to get good quality hair. South Indian women do not have much temper with their hair. So the exporters take shelter in the temple. Most of the hair is exported to temples in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

    One of the richest temples in the country, Tirumala Tirupati Temple (hair business in Tirupati) put up 5600 kg of hair for auction at the temple in August 2018. The hair is divided into three sections based on the length. In addition, there was a separate category of white hair.

    Hair section
    31-inch or more hair in first class- The temple kept 8300 kg of first class hair for e-auction at a price of Rs 22494 per kg, out of which 1600 kg of hair was auctioned and the temple received Rs 356 crore.
    Second class 16-30 inch long hair- 37800 kg second class hair was put up for auction at Rs. 13223 per kg. Of this, 2000 kg of hair was sold and the temple got Rs 3.44 crore.
    Class III hair 10-15 inches long- 800 kg third class hair was put up for auction at Rs. 3014 per kg. Through this the temple has earned 24.11 rupees.
    White hair 6700 kg of white hair was auctioned at Rs. 5462 per kg. Of this, the temple has earned Tk 85.55 lakh by selling 12 kg of hair.

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