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    Why Sushmita Sen said on breakup with Rohman Shawl- ‘I have ruined my life…’

    MumbaiSushmita Sen surprised everyone with her breakup with Rohman Shawl. While sharing a picture with Rohman a few days ago, he said that they will remain friends, but then he did not tell the reason for the breakup. Now Sushmita has once again talked about her relationship and has told why it is necessary to end the relationship in the right way.

    Sushmita Sen said in an interview to Hindustan Times that due to being a public figure, the person associated with her also comes in the eyes of the people. It is neither right for him nor for you. It is not right for life to be attached to someone’s feelings thinking that you are in a relationship.

    Sushmita insists on ending the relationship in the right way
    Sushmita further emphasizes on ending the relationship in the right way in her conversation. She says that it is necessary for both of them to move on in life. The friendship lasts. If I have to think about bad things at this age, then I have really ruined my life.

    Rohman Shawl has a breakup with Sushmita Sen. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @rohmanshawl)

    Sushmita learned something from every relationship
    Sushmita also told what she got to learn from relationships. The actress told that she has grown in every relationship. If I love, I do 100 percent. Therefore, when they are different, they must be completely different. There is no repeat mode in life. Whatever may be the reason for your separation, but when you part with the truth, the friendship remains.

    Rohman was close to Sushmita’s family
    The conversation between Sushmita and Rohman started on Instagram. They started meeting each other in 2018. Then Rohman got close to Sushmita’s family. Sushmita had written about getting out of a bad relationship on social media in February this year. Since then the news of their breakup started coming.

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