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    Why did Akshay Kumar not attend Kapil Sharma’s wedding reception, actor revealed after 3 years

    Whenever Kapil Sharma invites guests in his show The Kapil Sharma Show, he jokes with them a lot. Superstar Akshay Kumar has appeared many times in The Kapil Sharma Show. Once again he reached the set for the promotion of his film Atrangi Ray, where he was accompanied by Sara Ali Khan and director Aanand L Rai of the film. During this there was a lot of jokes and fun. Recently, Kapil has shared the uncensored version on his YouTube channel, in which ‘Khiladi Kumar’ has given the reason for not attending Kapil’s wedding reception.

    Kapil Sharma stopped speaking in front of Akshay Kumar
    Whenever Akshay Kumar reaches The Kapil Sharma Show. Then and again the audience gets double the dose of entertainment. Kapil seems to be enjoying a lot of the guests who come to his show but when Akshay Kumar comes, he fails in front of him. Akshay stops speaking of Kapil with his sense of humour. During the show, Kapil told that he had a wedding reception on December 24, in which Akshay did not reach.

    Akshay did not attend Kapil’s reception
    Actually, tells Sara that ‘Atrangi Re’ is coming on December 24. Then Kapil says, ‘I had a reception in Mumbai on this day. When you (Akshay) did not come. I said, Paji, if you do not come to the reception, then you say who marries on the 24th. This is a matter.’ Further Akshay says, ‘Hey, who really gets married on the 24th. I was not there. What should I do if I was in Cape Town? Kapil replies, ‘But people get married on the 24th.’ Akshay says, ‘So he would have done it further.’ Kapil says that ‘No it was too late already.’

    Kapil was teasing Sara, then Akshay said ‘leave it’
    In the video you can see that as soon as Sara Ali Khan comes on stage, Kapil starts talking to her. Akshay tells him, ‘Leave it.’ Akshay further says, ‘Ask about the picture, ask about its health, just stop there till then.’

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