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    No actress was ready to work with Sunil Sethi in ‘Balwan’, then Divya Bharati also tied the knot

    29 years of Balwan: Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty’s first film ‘Balwan’ was released on September 11, 1992. In the years since the release of this film, Sunil Sethi has also entered the film industry. Actors who entered the industry 29 years ago are no longer seen in films, but their presence has been felt in some reality shows recently. Sunil is still a very fit actor. There are many interesting stories related to making his first action film.

    29 years ago, Sunil Sethi showed body and great action in his first film ‘Balwan’. The actor was found in the film Yari Dosti due to a photoshoot. Raju Mawani, the producer of the film, made the film ‘Balwan’ for the first time. When the story of the film comes to him, he tells the story to Sunil and says let’s make a film on it, since it was an action film, according to the story of Raju and Anand film from a photoshoot of Sunil and thus Sunil got the film very easily. .

    Sunil Sethi’s first film was ‘Balwan’. (Photo credit: Cinema N Memory / Instagram)

    Sunil Shetty was cast as the protagonist in the movie, but none of the 90s actresses wanted to work with Sunil. The already established heroine did not want to take the risk of working with a new actor. But looking at Sunil’s fate, he found the support of such a beautiful, beautiful and innocent actress, whose beauty is still insane. We are talking about the late actress Divya Bharati. In the same year, Divya also set foot in the Hindi film industry. Divya had already driven the audience crazy by working in many films in her first year. Film producers and directors were also ready to take him to their films. When no actress agreed to work with Sunil, Divya was contacted, who agreed.

    ‘Balwan’ was an action-packed film. (Photo credit: Cinema N Memory / Instagram)

    Sunil once said to Divya Bharati while talking to the media that ‘an actress like her has never been seen and will never be seen. He was very childish on the photo set, but his appearance changed as soon as he called for action for the scene. It was hard to believe she was a fun-loving diva. I will never forget them.

    Well, when the movie ‘Balwan’ is released, it becomes a hit. The action film was acclaimed by the audience. He also earned the status of an action hero because of the brilliant path that Sunil Shetty entered. The action director of the movie was Ravi Dewan, who got Sunil in a great way, which is still liked by the audience.

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    Deepak Anand was the director of ‘Balwan’. The editor of the film was A. Muthu, who later became a film director himself. The music is composed by Mahesh Kishore and the dialogues are written by Promod Sharma.

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